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Urban Village Radio is Atlanta's first weekly youth-led radio show that invites middle school students to voice their perspective on inspiring positive student outcomes in education. 


Our Vision is to ignite an educational reform movement led by youth voices.


Urban Village Radio's Mission is to empower metro Atlanta middle school students with the broadcast platform and leadership skills they need to amplify their voices to inspire positive student outcomes in education. Urban Village Radio broadcasters use radio as a platform to galvanize youth, collect their stories, identify the common issues students face, propose solutions and advocate for the inclusion of student voice on school and district decisions.


Invited guests include students, educational leaders, community leaders, and organizations that can help to promote, inspire and help create positive student outcomes in education.


We partner and engage with community leaders through cultivation events and youth-led community meetings in efforts to increase listeners and gain support in addressing educational inequity.


Urban Village Radio reaches beyond the discussion of issues and reaches for positive systemic change in education.



The Advocacy Cycle is used as Urban Village Radio's 

Civic Change model.

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