Martin Luther King Jr                          Middle School

Students use the advocacy cycle to identify and address the issues that their classmates wanted to see changed in school.

Urban Village Radio at King Middle School.

Step 1: Identify and analyze the issues/problems 

Students surveyed 143 6th grade students.

Step 2: Set goals and objectives

Student host/producers discussing show format and setting objectives.

Step 3: Identify the decision makers

Student host/producers identify school leaders who can provide feedback to students requests.

Mr. Brown | School Principal
Ms. Weaver | 6th grade math/science teacher
Mr. Dow | 6th grade assistant principal
Ms. McCullough | 6th grade counselor

Step 4: Define the message and ask 

Student host/producers developing interview questions.

Step 5: Set timeline

  • Week 1: Collect surveys
  • Week 2: Interview decision makers
  • Week 3: Record show
  • Week 4: Broadcast show
  • Week 5: Monitor and evaluate



Step 6: Assess resources/Choose tactics and implement

  • Resources
    • Record in school classroom using Garage Band on Macbook Pro, mic and portable sound booth or
  • Tactics
    • Email decision maker (s) student requests
  • Implement
    • Record students sharing what they’d like to see changed at school
    • Record decision makers response to students requests (2nd period)
Genesiss learning how to record and edit audio.
Recording content.
Recording show content.
Interviewing a student.

Step 7: Monitor and Evaluate


      Gather student and staff feedback.


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